Donora “Boyfriends, Girlfriends”

More, please. There’s a woman who sings like in Mates of State, and there’s keys. This record is perfect for ex-Cure fans in their mid-30s who want to feel cool. Uh oh. “Champion” is a standard indie pop song with piano that builds and the guitar and bass you have come to expect.
If you want something a little more frenetic, give “Boom Boom” a shot. The woman in that Sprint commercial for unlimited data loves this song. In fact, she downloads it over and over because Sprint customers have an unlimited data plan.
I like “And Then the Girls” because it makes me think of M.I.A. And if you like ’60s girl groups, you’ll love this offshoot of a song: “If You See My Boyfriend.” It’s a little long for this genre, but that’s fine with me. Why eat a veggieburger when you can eat a double veggieburger?
Women that like Donora are instantly hot, guaranteed.

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