Old Monk “Birds of Belize”

This modern rock band has a lot of energy and plays straightforward edgy rock. “Sacred Birds” reminds me of Silversun Pickups. The tracks really fly by and provide you with some great pseudo-prog rock good times.
There’s a lot to like about “More Peat Moss, Please,” but I wish they had spent more time mixing the vocals. The lead singer sounds a bit like an off-key Paul McCartney, with bonus falsettos where you least expect them. When they play live, there is clearly a lot of beer on stage, and the guitars are cranked up high.
In a lot of ways, this band sounds like OK Go’s younger brother. “Telephone Bones” has a bit of surf jangle that I can also get behind. Old Monk do better when they play with more energy.
“Skullsplitter” has a good roots rock feel to it. Lots of the other tracks have a bit of a progressive sound, but it is strange because they are too short to be true prog rock classics.

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