Palomar “Sense & Antisense”

This is an early Top 10 nominee for 2012. Palomar is more than a medicore Mexican restaurant in Santa Cruz. It’s also a four-piece from New York that makes great melodic female-fronted indie pop.
“Wouldn’t Release You” provides a good introduction to the band, sounding like a mature Tralala. Tilly and the Wall fans as well as repentant Oakland A’s fans will appreciate “Never Grieve.”
Sadly, “Red” is not a tribute to the KSCU DJ. However, it does provide a smooth sendup of a darker, more contemporary version of the band. Perfect for Barbara Manning fans. This one gets better every time you hear it.
A more twee-centric sound can be found on “Park Lights.” I really like this one, too. “Hooray for Tuesday” is a slow one. It makes me want to check my Chucks and make sure they’re tied, or untied, depending on my mood.
The last track is “When You Stopped Talking to Me.” I was worried it would be some awkwardly dramatic song to close the record, but instead it fits right in with the rest. This album raises my hopes for a good music year in 2012.

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