Olivia Broadfield “This Beautiful War & Remixes”

Kind of an interesting thing here. Get the digipak and you get the 10 regular tracks plus 10 remixes, one for each song. In some cases, the originals are better (“Happening,” “Push”). Other times, the remixes are (“Coming for You,” “Doing So Well,” “Miss Me). And in the case of “Over and Over” and “Old Friend,” both versions shine. That’s enough keyword density for now.
In any case, what you have here is another Colbie Caillat/Mirah retread, with a bit more youth and energy here and there. I suppose people will infer that to be a pejorative, but to hell with them. I can listen to this stuff all day. And with a remix of every track at my disposal, I almost can.
These tracks have very high production values and make an excellent choice for a drive in the country with some wine tasting, perhaps. “Happening” is piano-heavy and a pretty ballad. Gilli Moon would be proud. I also really like “Push.”
The remixes in general are like those pseudo-dance remixes you would get on Saturday nights on Top 40 radio 20 years ago, where there is more of a 4:4 beat and some fun random synths. Somewhere Big Audio Dynamite is proud. If you lean toward the purple, lean toward those tracks. “Coming for You” is probably the best remix on here, followed by “Over and Over.”

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