The Jezabels “Prisoner”

More of the same, now on a full-length, luckily for us. The Jezabels continue to brood, and have moved from the inner city of Kate Bush to the suburbs of Siouxsie Sioux. That’s enough for that analogy.
The title track leads off. The Jezabels are a little noisier than they used to be, but it works for them. It’s nice to hear the band grow up from record to record. And in what perhaps is their greatest effort to date, “Long Highway” has everything you could want. That said, the songs seem to continue to get longer and longer. It might be time to rein it in a little bit, although the increased noise does grant them more affordance when it comes to track length.
“Rosebud” could have made it into a John Hughes movie 25 years ago. The backing vocals remind me of Gloria Loring, of all people. I also like “Horsehead” and “Deep Wide Ocean,” which reminds me of Alison Moyet and Michelle Shocked.
The last track is “Catch Me.” It’s also pretty in an ’80s way. Very enjoyable stuff, and in some ways I feel proud for watching the band improve year after year.

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