Imperial Teen “Feel the Sound”

Talk about a review that writes itself. Imperial Teen are back for album No. 5, and it sounds like Imperial Teen. Fun indie pop at its best, the first track, “Runaway,” assures you that the band continues to entertain after all these years.
“Last to Know” is quite chipper and probably involves the clapping of hands. I’m not a big audience participation guy, but even I can recognize how fun this song is. And no longer is Imperial Teen using Lynn Perko Truell’s vocals as a crutch. Everybody sings (as has been the case) but with much more balance now. “Hanging About” really divides the labor well.
Other tracks I liked included “All the Same,” “Out From Inside,” and “Overtaken.” As the title suggests, many of these songs sound all the same, but that’s fine. Imperial Teen have found what they’re best at, and I look forward to their sixth effort.

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