Big History “All at Once”

It’s an EP. “Wardrum” is first and provides vaguely mid-’90s vocals and synths reminiscent of La Bouche, mixed with Austra to keep you feeling cool. “Every Bone” has very prominent guitar added to the mix, fitting of the modern generation’s desire to have everything in everything. This isn’t noise, though. Everything is shuffled together nicely. We failed in the ’90s trying to do this with Republica and Kenickie, but if they want to try again with a less-sassy vocalist, I’m fine with “suffering” through it.
The title track is in the middle, and the synth melody is occasionally reminiscent of the Steve Miller Band’s “Fly Like an Eagle.” The random sample of chattering children lead me to believe that this must sound pretty good when you’re high.
“Wolf Blood” is the weakest track but still good. The last track is “Baby” and has good synths. The whole EP is great, and I’d like more.

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    Aaron Says:

    Best EP in a while!

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