Foxy Shazam “The Church of Rock and Roll”

I saw these guys at Slim’s when Free Energy opened for them. I loved Free Energy, and I could see why Foxy Shazam were great. I’ve never heard a studio recording before but do know they are awesome live. And they’re on I.R.S., which is just fun because that’s another zombie brand back to pleasure us, like Lucky Supermarkets.
“Last Chance at Love” has a beat similar to some Superdrag ’90s classics, such as “Hellbent,” plus falsettos. That’s all you need for a good time. Also fun is “(It’s) Too Late Baby.” If White Stripes were as crazy as they pretend to be, they could be Foxy Shazam. Luckily for you, they don’t have to be.
As I alluded to earlier, you just never know what to make of these guys once you’ve seen the live. “Wasted Feelings” sounds like if Prince fronted a heavy metal band that was opening for the Talking Heads. Is it a novelty? Well, what about this band isn’t a novelty?
“The Streets” was also fine. Go see them live. In the meantime, listen to the album and dream.


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    Foxy Shazam was the opener for this show. Didn’t feel like it because everyone left after they finished.

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      joelshitshow Says:

      Ahh, must have had it backward. I just remember being happier for Dakin than for the band, who were very good live but not my cup of tea. I thought they came out into the audience and sat down and played songs with a circle of fans. Maybe that was the band afterward, or I’m thinking of a different Slim’s show.

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