Elika “Always the Light”

Elika is a they — not a she. And they opened for Asobi Seksu, the sexiest robots around, so that’s quite the pedigree right there. The lead singer doesn’t have the diva thing going on — nor does she have the ethereal vocals you often find with this type of music. Instead, you get a half-Madonna, half-Liz Phair style of singing with the requisite synths and drum machines.
Tracks such as “Stay Beside Me” provide a nice bridge opportunity for those interested in dance music but are otherwise scared off by the too many perceptively random sounds they encounter most of the time.
Madonna fans will also like “Count Your Steps,” which has a similar melody as “What It Feels Like for a Girl.” I also like “No One Gets Lost,” even if I disagree with the premise.
The other track I really like is Trials. It’s more of an indie pop song in the Dot Allison vein. This is a hard record to hate.

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