Laura Gibson “La Grande”

Hi, this is Laura Gibson. You might recognize her from such collaborations as those with Ethan Rose and Portland’s PDX Pop Now! This winner is on Barsuk now, so you know she’s earned her stripes.
So are you expecting the somewhat brooding and rainy, classic indie sound? Well, good. The first track is the title track and sets this very tone. “Lion/Lamb” touches on Neko Case’s non-country side. The vibraphone is what really gets me going here.
Lisa Germano fans will appreciate “The Rushing Dark.” Either this sound is timeless, Germano was ahead of her time, or Gibson is stuck in the past. In any case, this one sounds a lot like “Way Below the Radio.”
“Crow/Swallow” must be tied to “Lion/Lamb” somehow, but at first I missed this connection, because both of these words have non-bird meanings as well. If you said that was the case with the other track, I’d say you were lion.
The other track I like is “Time Is Not.” I always make lots of Portland references in reviews of Portland artists, but I think I’ve done enough damage in this review already.

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