Jessie Baylin “Little Spark”

Very nice indie pop, with some strings and the freakin’ Watson Twins on backing vox. How could this go wrong? It doesn’t! “Hurry Hurry” gets this one started with a bang. That ’70s roller derby sound is back. Let’s all smoke Kools and look the other way while President Nixon resigns.
“The Greatest Thing That Never Happened” has some bells and horns to make it stand out. I can dig it. Mazzy Star fans will like “Star Cannon.” It’s slower but still a good song.
How cool would it be if “Holiday” were a Madonna cover? Well, it isn’t. Still, it is a good story-telling number. A bit of a country flair helps round out a sing that reminds me of Neko Case.
“The Winds” and the title track are the best of the rest. I am instantly a fan of Jessie Baylin after hearing this record, and you’ll become one, too.

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