Fanfarlo “Rooms Filled With Light”

More of the same from these guys. I’ll maintain my crush on Cathy Lucas. The lead singer still sounds like David Byrne. “Replicate” is the first track and has prominent strings. Much better than anything Coldplay has ever tried. Don’t act so surprised.
Minimalists will appreciate “Lenslife.” Sometimes you don’t have to be complicated to make a good indie rock song. I was hoping “Tunguska” would be a ska song, but although it isn’t, it’s still my favorite track on the record.
The talking backing vocals (backtalking?) of “Tightrope” make that track particularly enjoyable. Every band seems to have a song named “Bones,” and Fanfarlo is no longer an exception. This sounds more like their older material. I also liked “A Flood.”
The record put me to sleep a little bit but just so I could dream about Lucas.

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