The Chieftains “Voice of Ages”

Those who know me may think I like this band because of the hockey reference. The real reason is their appearance on “Brak Presents the Brak Album Starring Brak.” Twelve years later, I can return the favor and review this compilation.
So unlike that record, this one features all Chieftains stuff, and it’s the vocalist who is a guest. Pick your favorite act or read on for my favorites:

  • On “Carolina Rua/Reel – The Ladies Pantalettes” Imelda May provides great lyrics
  • Bon Iver slows it down with “Down in the Willow Garden”
  • Punch Brothers do well on both “The Lark in the Clear Air/Olam Punch” and “The Frost Is All Over”
  • The Decemberists give completists another song to download with “When the Ship Comes In”
  • Paolo Nutini is downright nutty on “Hard Times Come Again No More”
  • NASA Astronaut Cady Coleman helps out on “The Chieftains in Orbit,” which has to be heard to be believed

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