Kaiser Chiefs “Start the Revolution Without Me”

This is kind of complicated. As I understand it, these Brits released “The Future is Medieval” domestically last year but not in the US. Then with a somewhat different track list they’re releasing “Start the Revolution Without Me” here. It’s barmy.
In any case, the first track is “Little Shocks” and sounds like what you’d expect from them. I enjoy the occasional keyboard in “Heard It Break.” I’m not sure what it is about England’s music scene that makes it so great, but I bet it has to do with universal healthcare.
“Starts With Nothing” is a pensive piece that belongs in a romantic comedy movie soundtrack. For those who miss the rock party anthems (as opposed to the party rock anthems) that Big Audio Dynamite would provide, “Cousin in the Bronx” will bring back some memories. This track also reminds me of Happy Mondays.
The best song is probably “Man on Mars.” The band again uses bits of synths to lubricate the song a little bit, and it does go down pretty easily so good on them. I also like “Can’t Mind My Own Business.”
The last track is “You Will Have Me.” It sure is nice to have Kaiser Chiefs still making music. Hopefully, they will keep it going for a little while longer.

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