Josephine Foster “Perlas”

I think these songs are all in Spanish. None of them are a cover of “Ciega Sordumuda,” unfortunately. The first track, “Puerto de Santa Maria” does have the same guitar, though.
When you come to the hill, be sure to be listening to “Cuando Vienes del Monte.” iTunes spells it “monto,” but it is wrong. The harmonica is a little shrill, but otherwise this sounds like something Tomas Petty would perform if he were a woman named Josephine Foster.
“Dame Esa Flor” is about giving someone a particular flower. One time I was listening to EO, and I discovered he doesn’t know how to read Spanish. None of this music belongs on Dekadance, but hopefully he’ll find it in his heart to play this when he is filling in for someone. I enjoy hearing him try to read it because it humanizes him.
Marge Simpson fans won’t particularly like “Perlas,” but it is a good excuse to snuggle your homie-womie-romie-domie. All in all, this album is full of that minimalist guitar and higher-octave crooning you get from the Larkin Grimms of the world. That it happens in Spanish is easily overlooked.

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