The Hot Toddies “Bottoms Up EP”

More suggestive lyrics from everyone’s favorite Oakland pop tarts. My imagined top-secret affair with the keyboardist continues with great tracks such as “Hey Hey.” It’s a little longer than what I remember about this band, but so what? More of them to love.
I almost feel guilty about the Oakland A’s pending move to San Jose when I hear “Green & Gold.” They are true fans, knowing to make reference to Kurt Suzuki and Coco Crisp, the two A’s who are least likely to be traded. Can you imagine if they had sung about having to wait five days for Gio Gonzalez to come around? Well, that’s exactly where it will stay: in your imagination.
When searching YouTube for a performance of this, the string was pre-selected for me, meaning others have already searched for it. However, the lack of relevant responses means it’s time for me to see them live so I can film it and give the public what it wants.
“Boogie Nights” is the last track and a slow-dance number. There’s nothing wrong with it, but “Green & Gold” just sucks the air out of the room with its presence.

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