Lost in the Trees “A Church That Fits Our Needs”

A big folking band. The six-piece sounds like Tilly and the Wall on Prozac, meaning the percussion is distinctive, even if not actual tap dancing, but otherwise the music is pretty slow. “Neither Here Nor There” is a good example of this.
If you like strings with character, “Golden Eyelids” really bugs out. Most of the time it’s a serious song, but during the chorus it is just silly enough to make you notice. The vocals are also quite strong.
A faster track, “Tall Ceilings” has a melody that works with well-mixed strings that know their place — right underneath the vocals. It all comes together well here and sounds even better loud.
Lisa Germano fans will enjoy “This Dead Bird Is Beautiful.” It might be too much to assume this wasn’t at least inspired by her. The vocals on “Villain (I’ll Stick Around)” sound like Grace Slick.
The last track is “Vines.” It’s the slowest of the slow. This album is more a collection of tracks than any type of story. In this day and age of Spotify and whatnot, it’s probably for the best.

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