Usurper Vong “Vong Songs Vol. 1: Humans Make Me Nervous”

They’re from San Jose so maybe I’ve sat next to them at Camera 12 when watching a movie. I bet they’re not the type who texts during movies. Anyway, I picked this up because the drummer is a woman with a pun in her name.
Speaking of puns, I like “Amputea Time.” The mixing is kind of strange, in that there are backing vocals, but you can’t tell whether you’re supposed to be listing to them. It’s like a badly folded burrito, where you get some bites that are all rice, while others are all pico de gallo. Still, it’s nice to at least have all the parts there. The other notable thing here is that lead singer Derek Gomez ends lines on an upswing, the way Johnny Rotten does. He kind of does that everywhere, but it’s especially noticeable here.
Like a lot of local acts, these guys tell entertaining songs about stuff that happens to them, and I have to think they’re a lot of fun live. I’d say they should play a Nickel City show, but I bet they’ve already done one, and I probably just missed it because I’m irresponsible like that. It comes to mind when I hear “Degenerate Genius,” a song perhaps inspired by their respective parents’ record collections.
“Peeping Tomkat” is kind of creepy, but that’s OK. Nothing beats a song that makes you feel guilty when you sing along with the chorus. The other song I like is “Wrong Guy,” which is good eating music when you’re having a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios.

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