Panic Years “The Month’s Mind”

I thought I was listening to Ben Gibbard doing it with James Blunt. No, it’s probably just some band that is somebody’s indie darling right now. I’ll consider “Panic Years” to be a reference to the Bush 43 administration because it’s fun, but it probably has nothing to do with anything so deep.
“Bad Faith” has progressive keyboard, but the guitar is too comfortable with itself. This song is more Weezer than prog. The beginning of “Anomie” sets the stage for a dance rock number, but that just isn’t how this act rolls. Instead you get some weird She Wants Revenge knockoff with emo vocals.
There are clean versions of “Two Hearts” and “The Month’s Mind (Reprise)” at the end, which was nice of them. There’s also another edit of a track but it’s not as good so don’t worry about it.

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