The Staves “Mexico EP”

They’re sisters. They’re British. They’re all folked up. The guitar is enough to promote them to Azure Ray/Watson Twins status, except of course there are three of them — not two.
It’s more of a single with two B-sides, but it’s not for me to say. I’m not in the band. At any rate, the title track is first. It sounds like Stevie Nicks and Caroline Polachek (Chairlift). “Icarus” isn’t about Nintendo but still a good song. It makes me think of Mumford and Sons.
The last track is “I Try.” The melody is better than it has to be. There’s nothing really imaginative about this stuff, but there usually isn’t a need for that sort of thing. As reliable as macaroni and cheese, you’re a fool to come away unfulfilled from listening to the Staves.

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