Ceu “Caravana Sereia Bloom”

This reminds me of those halcyon days of April March, Stereolab, and Stereo Total. Tracks such as “Falta de Ar” are peppy and easy to digest. Somewhere Beck is smiling and nodding his head.
“Retrovisor” really brings the Stereolab comparisons to light. The organ and vocals are slightly trippy and dark — just what you’re looking for. Not recommended while riding a bicycle in London.
More of a reggae/dancehall sound can be found on “You Won’t Regret It.” The backing vocals really make this one notable. “Baile de Ilusao” is in Portuguese, I think. It has the excitement of a spy thriller.
Spooky synths make “Streets Bloom” sound a bit like Portishead. There are a lot of fun tracks on this record, and you’re not going to go wrong selecting one for your show.

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