Transitshop “Five Thousand”

Standard power-pop fare that will appease fans of the Gin Blossoms. The melody is a little flat on tracks such as “Life Goes On,” but the harmonizing and guitar make up for it.
“Pick Me” reminds me of the Icicles, only with a dude singing. And you get an interesting mix on “Come Through.” The guitar is similar to some old Cure stuff, but the rest sounds more like Three Doors Down.
After reviewing the Ed Hines Band, I never thought I would hear something like that again. But then I heard “Collective.” It’s a bit uneven in the chorus, but it’s not really that bad.
The other track with the mid-’90s jangle you’re looking for is “No Direction,” although the vocals are very abrupt and mixed too high for no reason. The next effort could be good, but a bit is left to be desired on “Five Thousand.”

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