Battles “Dross Glop”

It seems to be some sort of remix album of “Gloss Drop.” “Bundt cake” is still the best spoonerism out there, but if you like Battles and you like remixes, this is the record for you. Each track is done by someone different, so really just pick out the original Battles song you liked best the first time around or pick the DJ you like the best this time around. And of course, with Tyondai Braxton gone, there are no lyrics on most of these tracks.
Beyond all that, I did prefer some tracks over others. “Wall Street” gets the Gui Boratto treatment, and his effort here will please Daft Punk fans. Alchemist remixes “Futura,” and the result is a DJ Shadow-like track. It is definitely one of the trippier numbers on here.
Fans of early-2000s house will like Kode9’s remix of “Africastle.” I have to think that Kangding Ray’s rendition of “Toddler” was trancelike because all of a sudden it was done.
“Ice Cream” is downright whimsical after Gang Gang Dance get their hands on it. The other track I like is “My Machines.” Patrick Mahoney and Dennis McNany Irish up that coffee quite a bit, if you know what I mean. It makes me think of Thompson Twins.
A real treat for Battles fans, but otherwise, it’s just a bunch of remixes of a bunch of songs that didn’t have a lot of vocals to begin with. I guess that’s why it’s called “experimental.”

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