Spiritualized “Sweet Heart Sweet Light”

The title is in the chorus of “Hey Jane,” which is a good song in its own right, even if it is nearly nine minutes long. Long tracks are nothing new for Spiritualized. I first saw them when they opened for Siouxsie and the Banshees. That’s how long ago it was. And now Spiritualized are old. I guess, unfortunately, it also means that I am old.
“Get What You Deserve” is another good track. But I especially like “Headin’ for the Top Now.” This song has everything, although it does take more than eight minutes to deliver that everything.
A bit of a gospel feel is evident in “I Am What I Am.” It’s honestly hard not to sing along with this one. The other song I like is “Life Is a Problem.” The harmonica at the beginning sets the tone for a brooding ballad that reminds me musically of Lisa Germano.
Spiritualized have come a long way, baby. Their sound is still downtempo, but it is much more lush than their early years. It’s always nice to see a band evolve.

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