Sarah Jaffe “The Body Wins”

This is my third Sarah Jaffe review. I’ve become a bigger fan over the years. (I checked. It’s been years.) She continues to treat music as a way to make her voice better, rather than something that gets in the way.
The title track is a bit more upbeat than I’m used to, but really, it’s about time. Even Space Ghost would agree that it’s a peppy rhythm. “Mannequin Woman” is outstanding. Again, the instrumentation shows that Jaffe is with it, and it’s so thoughtful. Ellie Goulding better watch out.
If you want something that sounds more like Jaffe’s traditional sound, “The Way Sound Leaves a Room” shows she still remembers. “Hooray for Love” sounds like Portishead with more strings.
The faster pace comes back for “Sucker for Your Marketing,” which sets high expectations with its title but is otherwise mediocre. The last track is “When You Rest” and reminds me of some Sinead O’Connor melodies I can’t quite place. The strings throughout this record help make this Jaffe’s best effort yet.

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