The Dumb Easies “Love! Love! Love!”

Fun power-pop with a male lead and female backing vocals. Inspired by Glee, perhaps, this has a lot of the ’80s rock sound to it, mixed with bits of doo wop and Grease. “Go Go Go” sets me up for a joke about good music coming in threes, but I’ll pass. This track is more of a power-pop anthem that doesn’t rely on guitar wanking or ’60s inspiration. It reminds me of Imperial Teen.
The lead singer sounds a bit like Joey Ramone on “Bobby’s Song.” This track is well-balanced. If you want something a little heavier, give “Testify” a shot. It’s a little bit metal, at least relative to the rest of the tracks.
The last track is “Fading Away.” It has hand claps and is an all-around good time. In general the more rocking tracks are better, but there are other options available if you like the C-86 sound, or just girl-group harmonies, even if it is mostly a dude singing.

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