Allo Darlin’ “Europe”

It just gets better and better with this group. Melodically similar to Louise Wener (Sleeper), Elizabeth Morris has a voice that Irishes up the coffee quite a bit on “Neil Armstrong.” (She is actually from Australia.)
The title track reminds me percussively of 3 Doors Down’s “Kryptonite,” sadly, but the guitar sounds like Icicles, and Morris sounds like Sarah McLeod (Superjesus). Put it together, and this is one of the best songs I’ve heard all year. After all, 3 Doors Down didn’t suck because of their drummer.
“Northern Lights” is like some of the Sundays’s faster songs. It’s not fast, of course, but it would be fast for a Sundays song. Something folkier can be found on “Tallulah.” It’s not their strength, but it still sounds fine.
The other track I like is “Still Young.” This song won’t make sense until they use it to open a set during their comeback tour in 2040. I’m actually a bit frustrated because the secret is out on these guys, but at least it ensures we’ll get more stuff in the future. Potential album of the year here.

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