Yuna “Yuna”

Yuna gives us more of the Ellie Goulding/Laura Marling revival. Her gimmick is that she is Malaysian. Whatever. It’s just an opportunity to hear more of this genre.
“Lullabies” is the first track and is a nice introductory ballad. Somewhat forgettable but still better than most is “Remember My Name.” A lot of the songs do kind of run together.
Colbie Caillat fans will be impressed with “Planes.” Other tracks, such as “Island,” remind me of Regina Spektor and Nelly Furtado. So the common theme is that there’s not a lot of originality.
“Fading Flower” has a faster tempo and sounds like something Paul Krugman would listen to. That’s actually a compliment if you know anything about him. I don’t know whether Malaysia’s government supports Keynesian economics or anything like that, though.
Slightly trippier with hints of Portishead, “Stay” is the most mature sounding track on the record. This is one of my favorites. The last track, “Loud Noises,” is also pretty good. Yuna sounds like Beth Sorrentino (Suddenly, Tammy!) a bit here.
Not the best record out there but still an enjoyable listen.

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