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Donora “Boyfriends, Girlfriends”

January 29, 2012

More, please. There’s a woman who sings like in Mates of State, and there’s keys. This record is perfect for ex-Cure fans in their mid-30s who want to feel cool. Uh oh. “Champion” is a standard indie pop song with piano that builds and the guitar and bass you have come to expect.
If you want something a little more frenetic, give “Boom Boom” a shot. The woman in that Sprint commercial for unlimited data loves this song. In fact, she downloads it over and over because Sprint customers have an unlimited data plan.
I like “And Then the Girls” because it makes me think of M.I.A. And if you like ’60s girl groups, you’ll love this offshoot of a song: “If You See My Boyfriend.” It’s a little long for this genre, but that’s fine with me. Why eat a veggieburger when you can eat a double veggieburger?
Women that like Donora are instantly hot, guaranteed.

Alphabet Soup, Episode 7, 6 June 2010 Playlist

June 6, 2010

Donora, Backbeat
The Donnas, Like an Animal
Tanya Donelly, Pretty Deep
Julie Doiron, Snow Falls in November
The Do, Playground Hustle
The Dollyrots, Jackie Chan
The Dresden Dolls, Girl Anachronism
Dressy Bessy, It Happens All the Time
Dreamdate, How Low Are You
Drugstore, Speaker 12
Drink Up Buttercup, Even Think
Dubstar, Not So Manic Now

Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 62, May 2 2010 Playlist

May 2, 2010

Dead Man’s Bones, My Body’s a Zombie for You
Willowz, Jimmy James
Donora, Backbeat
Gigi, Everyone Can Tell
The Watson Twins, Tell Me Why
Cock and Swan, Holding On
Haight-Ashbury, Favourite Song
Nneka, Africans
Blue Skies for Black Hearts, I Still Wish That You Were Around
Slow Club, Christmas TV
Laura Gibson and Ethan Rose, Leaving, Believing
Eels, I Need a Mother
The Disco Biscuits, Loose Change
Shannon and the Clams, Blast Me to Bermuda
Akai, Drifted