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Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 152, 23 May 2012 Playlist

May 23, 2012

Santigold, Disparate Youth
Julie Ruin, Breakout A-Town
J. Perdiod and Nneka, Changes
AU, Get Alive
Kenickie, In Your Car
Killola, This Is How the World Ends
Imaginary Cities, Don’t Cry
The Kelley Deal 6000, My Boyfriend Died
Kaia, Where in the World Is Greencastle Indiana?
Go Back to the Zoo, Hey DJ
The Kabbs, Down This Road
Kepi, Hurt & Alone
Nneka, J
Kahimi Karie, Lolitapop Dollhouse
Kevin Devine & the Goddamn Band, Sleepwalking Through My Life
Panic Years, Bad Faith
The Kirby Grips, Liar
Kitten Forever, Slamdunk
Cock and Swan, Happy Thoughts
Kitten, Johnny Johnny Johnny
Komeda, Blossom (Got to Get It Out)
The Goblin Market, The Night Wind
Korea Girl, Reunion
KMFDM, Rebels in Kontrol
Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles, Catacombs
Laika, Knowing to Little
La Chansons, X Marks the Spot
The New Kinetics, Cha-Cha
Lady Lazarus, The Eye in the Eye of the Storm
Ladyhawke, Paris Burning
Anebrun, Undertow
The Ladybug Transistor, Caught Don’t Walk
Laura Gibson + Ethan Rose, Leaving, Believing
Emily Wells, Darlin’
Kung Fu USA, Stars and Bars
Las Rubias del Norte, Seguedille
Wild Belle, Take Me Away
Cate le Bon, Eyes So Bright
L7, Andres
The Grenadines, Colourblind
Cyndi Lauper, How Blue Can You Get?
Lederhosen Lucil, Doin’ the Ganglion
The Chieftains, When the Ship Comes In
Leerone, To Fill the Void

Go Back to the Zoo “Benny Blisto”

April 15, 2012

They’re Dutch so they’re more than much. I thought one of the dudes on the cover art was a woman so I grabbed this CD to review. My mistake. But it’s not all bad because their sound is accessible enough to me that I can still appreciate it.
“Electric” is the first track and sounds like a Killers/Franz Ferdinand throwback. Fans of Bang! Bang! Eche! will recognize the style of “Hey DJ.” This is probably the song that would break them. I say “would” because I don’t think there is enough that distinguishes this band.
For those that miss the mid-’80s rock songs that would show up in movies everywhere, “Nicer” is a trip down memory lane. “Oh No (We Stayed)” is another good track, especially the chorus.
There are a couple extra tracks, but it reminds me of those blasters of Topps baseball cards you buy at Target, which read something like “10 packs plus one extra pack.” But they’re all the same. Just say there are 11 packs. In any case, “Smoking on the Balcony” is an extra track, but it sounds good to me. This is another Bang! Bang! Eche! soundalike, with hints of the Farm as well.