Go Back to the Zoo “Benny Blisto”

They’re Dutch so they’re more than much. I thought one of the dudes on the cover art was a woman so I grabbed this CD to review. My mistake. But it’s not all bad because their sound is accessible enough to me that I can still appreciate it.
“Electric” is the first track and sounds like a Killers/Franz Ferdinand throwback. Fans of Bang! Bang! Eche! will recognize the style of “Hey DJ.” This is probably the song that would break them. I say “would” because I don’t think there is enough that distinguishes this band.
For those that miss the mid-’80s rock songs that would show up in movies everywhere, “Nicer” is a trip down memory lane. “Oh No (We Stayed)” is another good track, especially the chorus.
There are a couple extra tracks, but it reminds me of those blasters of Topps baseball cards you buy at Target, which read something like “10 packs plus one extra pack.” But they’re all the same. Just say there are 11 packs. In any case, “Smoking on the Balcony” is an extra track, but it sounds good to me. This is another Bang! Bang! Eche! soundalike, with hints of the Farm as well.

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