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Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 150, 2 May 2012 Playlist

May 2, 2012

Jesse Thomas, Madeline
Hawnay Troof, Like Her
Heavens to Betsy, Decide
Cate le Bon, Fold the Cloth
Headless Heroes, The North Wind Blew South
Heavenly, I’m Not Scared of You
Wild Belle, Keep You
Here We Go Magic, Old World United
Kristin Hersh, Day Glo
The Staves, Icarus
Helium, Dragon #2
Hissyfits, Bloodsugarsister
You Say France & I Whistle, OMG
Hildur Victoria, Wilder-Ness
His Name Is Alive, Write My Name in the Groove
Tops, Diamond Look
Hindi Guns, Goin’ to Portland
Holly Golightly, Mellow Down Easy
The Hot Toddies, Hey Hey
Jesca Hoop, The Kingdom
Jolie Holland, Remember
Gemma Ray, Rescue Me
Horrorpops, Girl in a Cage
HTRK, Work That Body
Olivia Broadfield, Over and Over
Lida Husik, Ein Symphonie Desgrauens
Frida Hyvonen, You Never Got Me Right
The Decemberists, The Infanta
Hot Lava, O Retorno da Lovefoxxx
The Husbands, Pretty Lil Baby
Josephine Foster, Puerto de Santa Maria
The Hush Now, I Saw You First
Danielle Howle, Passing Through
The Grenadines, Shake
Hanne Hukkelberg, In Here/Out There
Ida, Crooked Teeth
The Parlour Suite, We Got to Get Away
Ida Maria, I Like You so Much Better When Your’re Naked
Immaculate Machine, Don’t Build the Bridge
Emily Wells, Instrumental
Idaho, Weigh It Down
Imogen Heap, Swoon
Panic Years, The Month’s Mind (Reprise)
Lia Ices, Daphne
Imaginary Cities, Calm Before the Storm

Various Artists “Team Mint 20”

March 18, 2012

What an absolute treat. Some of my favorite acts have been on Mint (Operation Makeout, Neko Case, Pansy Division, etc.). Although none of them are on this retrospective, we still get great tracks from the New Pornographers, Cub, and Huevos Rancheros. Here are the highlights:

  • The Pack a.d. sound like the Quails on “Sirens”
  • Vancougar sound exactly like their name (meow!) on “Distance”
  • Bella is a poppier version of Vancougar (more synths, better backing vox) on “Give It a Night”
  • Immaculate Machine’s lead singer sounds a bit like Neko Case on “Jarhand”
  • P:ano is a country version of Suddenly, Tammy!, and “Pure Evil” is anything but, unless sweet melody leads you astray
  • The Organ is appropriately named and is half Siouxsie, half Kim Wilde, on “Brother”
  • Young and Sexy have appropriate male-female vocals and sharp lyrics in “The City You Live In Is Ugly”
  • Volumizer is a rock ‘n’ roll good time and makes me wish I could change my name on “I Promise You, Thomas”
  • The New Pornographers’s best song ever — EVER — is on here (“Letter From an Occupant”) and gives you a chance to hear Neko Case in all her awesomeness
  • Carolyn Mark’s best is on here as well (“Edmonton”) and is folking amazing (although the melody is a little too similar to “American Pie” to be a coincidence)
  • cub is cub, as they always are, on “New York City” so not much else to say about that awesomeness

All the songs are good, and most feature piano and tend to have power-pop sensibilities. That’s Mint in a nutshell, so of course that’s how it is here, too.

Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 128, 5 October 2011 Playlist

October 5, 2011

Jolie Holland, Gold and Yellow
Maria Taylor, Idle Mind
Hildur Victoria, Palisades
Sleeping in the Aviary, You and Me, Ghost
The Hindi Guns, She’s All Right
Hissyfits, Tired
St. Vincent, Cruel
Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions, On the Low
Feist, How Come You Never Go There
Jesca Hoop, Bed Across the Sea
Horrorpops, Bring It On!
Diva, Glow Worm
The Hot Toddies, Wet Dream
Hot Lava, Mummy Beach
Family of the Year, 6 AM
Frida Hyvonen, Djuna!
Lida Husik, Fly Stereophonic
HTRK, Synthetik
The Icicles, New Haircolor
Ida, So Worn Out
The Big Scary, Spring
Imperial Teen, City Song
Imaginary Cities, Cherry Blossom Tree
Radiation City, Salsaness
Ida Maria, Oh My God
Lia Ices, Love Is Won
Caroline Smith & the Good Night Sleeps, Strong Shoulders
Imogen Heap, First Train Home
Immaculate Machine, Only Love You for Your Car
Exitmusic, The Hours
Is/Is, So Long
Innocent Bandits, Madman’s Cackle
San Cisco, Golden Revolver
I Was a King, Someone Is Waiting
The Innocence Mission, Bright as Yellow
Release the Sunbird, Come Back to Us
Ivy, Digging Your Scene
Internal/External, Various Transmission
Imelda May, Pulling the Rug
Sarah Jaffe, Two Intangibles Cant Be Had/Working for a Nuclear Free City Remix
Jared Mees and the Grown Children, Strong Black Coffee
Shugo Tokumaru, Video Killed the Radio Star
Jenny and Johnny, Big Wave
J. Perdiod and Nneka, Spread Love
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Sinner