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Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 151, 16 May 2012 Playlist

May 16, 2012

Foxy Shazam, (It’s) Too Late Baby
Imperial Teen, My Spy
The Icicles, Margie
Audra Mae and the Almighty Sound, Annie Get Your Gun
Innocent Bandits, When Another Sun Shines
Ivy, I Still Want You
Theresa Andersson, Injuns
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan, The Flame That Burns
The Innocence Mission, That Was Another Country
Heartless Bastards, Late in the Night
Is/Is, Death Treat
International Waters, 1994
Cate le Bon, Julia
Is/Is, Eating Hourglasses
Marketa Irglova, We Are Good
Internal/External, Inside/Outside
The Very, Humdrum
I Was a King, Unreal
Sarah Jaffe, Clementine
TOPS, Turn Your Love Around
Jared Mees & the Grown Children, Even Little Mountains
Jenny and Johnny, Scissor Runner
The Goblin Market, The Night Is Darkening Around Me
The Jezabels, Catch Me
Jessica Jalbert, Daniels
Grace Woodroofe, Always Want
Jews and Catholics, The Spring
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, I Love Rock ‘N Roll
The Staves, Mexico
John & Tom, Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar
Kacey Johansing, Many Seasons
Black Bananas, It’s Cool
Jonka, The Nana Song
John & Jehn, Shades
Perfume Genius, Dirge
Katie Johnson, A Perfect World
John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey, Heela
Ani DiFranco, Life Boat
Talib Kweli Featuring Norah Jones, Soon the New Day
The Josephine Wiggs Experience, Arizona
Ceu, Retrovisor
The Joy Formidable, Whirring
Julie Plug, I Feel
The Decemberists, The Rake’s Song

Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 150, 2 May 2012 Playlist

May 2, 2012

Jesse Thomas, Madeline
Hawnay Troof, Like Her
Heavens to Betsy, Decide
Cate le Bon, Fold the Cloth
Headless Heroes, The North Wind Blew South
Heavenly, I’m Not Scared of You
Wild Belle, Keep You
Here We Go Magic, Old World United
Kristin Hersh, Day Glo
The Staves, Icarus
Helium, Dragon #2
Hissyfits, Bloodsugarsister
You Say France & I Whistle, OMG
Hildur Victoria, Wilder-Ness
His Name Is Alive, Write My Name in the Groove
Tops, Diamond Look
Hindi Guns, Goin’ to Portland
Holly Golightly, Mellow Down Easy
The Hot Toddies, Hey Hey
Jesca Hoop, The Kingdom
Jolie Holland, Remember
Gemma Ray, Rescue Me
Horrorpops, Girl in a Cage
HTRK, Work That Body
Olivia Broadfield, Over and Over
Lida Husik, Ein Symphonie Desgrauens
Frida Hyvonen, You Never Got Me Right
The Decemberists, The Infanta
Hot Lava, O Retorno da Lovefoxxx
The Husbands, Pretty Lil Baby
Josephine Foster, Puerto de Santa Maria
The Hush Now, I Saw You First
Danielle Howle, Passing Through
The Grenadines, Shake
Hanne Hukkelberg, In Here/Out There
Ida, Crooked Teeth
The Parlour Suite, We Got to Get Away
Ida Maria, I Like You so Much Better When Your’re Naked
Immaculate Machine, Don’t Build the Bridge
Emily Wells, Instrumental
Idaho, Weigh It Down
Imogen Heap, Swoon
Panic Years, The Month’s Mind (Reprise)
Lia Ices, Daphne
Imaginary Cities, Calm Before the Storm

Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 146, 4 April 2012 Playlist

April 4, 2012

Dragons Power Up!, Sea Legs
The Cribs, Victims of Mass Production
Cranes, Let Go
Foxy Shazam, Wasted Feelings
The Curious Mystery, Hot Port
CSS, Patins
Mazzy Star, Common Burn
Cub, My Flaming Red Bobsled
Dance Hall Crashers, Queen for a Day
You Say France & I Whistle, When Lovers Die
Damone, On My Mind
Damn Handsome and the Birthday Suits, Pink Flamingos
Ani DiFranco, ¿Which Side Are You On?
Dead Man’s Bones, In the Room Where You Sleep
Dealership, Two Turns
Vacationer, Trip
Dear Nora, ‘Round and ‘Round
The Dears, Stick W/ Me Kid
Dirty Ghosts, Battle Slang
Shenandoah Davis, Pellet Gun
Deerhoof, Offend Maggie
Heartless Bastards, Only for You
The Delgados, Get Action!
Defiance, Ohio, A Lot to Do
The Mallard, I Listen to the Lyrics Last
The Decemberists, Foregone
The Decks, What You Said
Mother Falcon, Fireflies
Deluka, OMFG
Diet Kong, A Forest
Cherri Bomb, The Pretender
Dirty Projectors, No Intention
The Distillers, Idoless
Rural Alberta Advantage, Barnes Yard
The Dishes, Girls Can’t Play
Dirty Mittens, Arcadia
Jessica Jalbert, Stupid Hollow
Natalie D-Napoleon, Even the Sweet Things Die
Julie Doiron, Dance Music
The Kabbs, Golden and Blue
The Donnas, Too Bad About Your Girl
Dollyrots, Cat Calling
Neverever, Venus
Tanya Donelly, Manna
Doctors & Dealers, Just Another Feeling
Sarah Dougher, Wide Eyed
The Do, The Bridge Is Broken

The Chieftains “Voice of Ages”

April 1, 2012

Those who know me may think I like this band because of the hockey reference. The real reason is their appearance on “Brak Presents the Brak Album Starring Brak.” Twelve years later, I can return the favor and review this compilation.
So unlike that record, this one features all Chieftains stuff, and it’s the vocalist who is a guest. Pick your favorite act or read on for my favorites:

  • On “Carolina Rua/Reel – The Ladies Pantalettes” Imelda May provides great lyrics
  • Bon Iver slows it down with “Down in the Willow Garden”
  • Punch Brothers do well on both “The Lark in the Clear Air/Olam Punch” and “The Frost Is All Over”
  • The Decemberists give completists another song to download with “When the Ship Comes In”
  • Paolo Nutini is downright nutty on “Hard Times Come Again No More”
  • NASA Astronaut Cady Coleman helps out on “The Chieftains in Orbit,” which has to be heard to be believed

The Decemberists “We All Raise Our Voices to the Air: Live Songs 04.11-08.11”

April 1, 2012

Two CDs. Two hours. All Decemberists. Not sure what else to say. Pick your favorite song of theirs and see whether they played it. The longest ones (over 10 minutes each) are “The Crane Wife 1, 2, and 3”; “The Mariner’s Revenge Song” (which is really good live); and “I Was Meant for the Stage.”
You do get the witty banter you should expect from the act. Honestly, if you’re going to listen to a live album, why else would you do it? The sound will never rival what you get from a studio recording.
For those living under a rock, this is a good primer for what the Decemberists bring to the table. “The Infanta” has the same melody as Electronic’s “Forbidden City.” The “Calamity Song” performance is top notch.
The audience is mocked in “We Both Go Down Together.” This one is just fun. The live rendition of “Leslie Ann Levine” is also very good. It’s not enough to make me want to see them live, but it is enough to make you want to.
If you want to hear yodeling, it’s at the end of “The Rake’s Song.” And all that is just the first CD.
The second CD has a few choice winners as well, including “Billy Liar.” This is just a really good song more than it’s anything special about the live version. In the same way I also liked “All Arise!” and “This Is Why We Fight.”

Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 138, 25 January 2012 Playlist

January 25, 2012

The Do, Gonna Be Sick!
Smoosh, La Pump
Smile Smile, Taking Its Toll
Stephaniesid, I Like It Too
Kendra Smith, Temporarily Lucy
Sneaker Pimps, Post-Modern Sleaze
The Lower 48, Golden Shore
Sarah Kirkland Snider, The Stranger With the Face of a Man I Loved
Sonic Youth, The Diamond Sea
Louise Burns, What Do You Wanna Do
The Soviettes, Paranoia Cha Cha Cha!
The Softies, Pack Your Things and Go
Melanie Devaney, Actress
Solex Vs Cristina Martinez & Jon Spencer, Dog Hit
Some Girls, Never Really Mine
Yael Meyer, The Night
Son Volt, Dust of Daylight
Sonya Kitchell, Mr. Suicidal
Meshell Ndegeocello, Dirty World
The Sounds, Seven Days a Week
Soft Cotton County, Now
Damn Handsome and the Birthday Suits, Incredibles
Sons & Daughters, Silver Spell
The Spinanes, Hawaiian Baby
The Decemberists, Burying Davy
Sports, Emily, Frankly
Regina Spektor, Better
Hess Is More, Burn
Spc Eco, Telling You
Squirrelhouse, Nagasaki Shuffle
Viva Voce, The Future Will Destroy You
Stars, Set Yourself on Fire
The Starfolk, All Fall Down
The Devil Makes Three, Graveyard
Staci Twigg, You Hailed on Me
Stereolab, The Free Design
Hindi Zahra, Imik Si Mik
Stereo Total, Miau Miau
Marnie Stern, For Ash
Axelle Red, La Liberte C’Est Quoi
Shannon Stephens, Deliverance
Stringerbelle, Take This Song
Big Tree, Home (Here)

The Decemberists “Long Live the King”

November 13, 2011

I know their fans hate it when I say it, but Colin Meloy, today’s James Taylor, is back with an EP. “E. Watson” is first and does what the Decemberists do so well: tell stories.
“Foregone” reminds me of the Jayhawks. Death Cab for Cutie fans will appreciate “Burying Davy.” That’s my favorite on this record. A treat is the home demo of “I4U & U4Me.” This sounds like James to me, and I do appreciate the Circle K shout out.
If you want something a little more country, give “Row Jimmy” a spin. The last track is “Sonnet.” I have no idea whether the lyrics actually are one.

The Decemberists “An iTunes Session”

October 2, 2011

This act is an institution, and even if they’re headed into the December of their career, they can still bring it, even on Spirit Airlines. Fans will recognize all of these songs. Just consider it an opportunity to hear your favorites done anew.
“Calamity Song” is from their newest but sounds as good as some of the older tracks, such as “Shankill Butchers.” My favorite track is “This Is Why We Fight,” although that doesn’t have much to do with this rendition.
If you like their slower stuff, you’ll have to do with “The Hazards of Love.” There are worse things in life. Pick your favorite song and play it. No surprises here.