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Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 145, 21 March 2012 Playlist

March 21, 2012

Puppies and Trains, I Know You’re With Me
Cibo Matto, White Pepper Ice Cream
Jenny Choi, Comfort Me
Olivia Broadfield, Happening
Cinnamon, Springtime of My Life
Margaret Cho, Intervention
Old Monk, Skullsplitter
Chop Chop, Escape
CocoRosie, Fairy Paradise
Audra Mae and the Almighty Sound, Old Italian Love Song
Class Actress, Love Me Like You Used to
The Clash, I Fought the Law
ZZ Ward, Last Love Song
Cocteau Twins, Violaine
Coralie Clement, Houlala
Jesse Thomas, Madeline
Club 8, Dancing With the Mentally Ill
The Coathangers, Sonic You
Black Bananas, Rtx Go Go
Cocktail Slippers, Gotta Crush
Cock and Swan, Remember Sweet
Jessica Jalbert, Wild One
Coco, Cutie Pie
Concrete Blonde, Close to Home
Woodpigeon, … And as the Ship Went Down You’d Never Looked Finer
The Concretes, Teen Love
Company of Thieves, Pressure
The Lovely Bad Things, You Done Messed Up
Colleen and Paul, Please Be Kind
Controller.Controller, Sleep Over It
Sharon Van Etten, Kevin’s
Comet Gain, The Fists in the Pocket
Cowboy Junkies, Sir Francis Bacon at the Net
The Kabbs, Down This Road
Christina Courtin, Mulberries
The Corner Laughers, Thunderbird
Grace Woodroofe, Oh My God
Corpus Callosum, The Siblings Greely
Cotton Jones, Somehow to Keep It Going
Cate le Bon, Fold the Cloth
Saskia Crescentia, Swinging Swings
The Cribs, Victims of Mass Production
Big Deal, Distant Neighborhood
The Curious Mystery, Hot Port
Crazy Mary, Orgasmic Annie

Various Artists “Tunes for Baboons: Live Sessions from CJSW”

January 29, 2012

CJSW is a radio station in Canada. This two-CD compilation has a country record and a rock record. How thoughtful. Here are some highlights:

  • Matt Masters sounds like Lou Reed on “Candle Flame”
  • Eamon McGrath sounds like John Cougar Mellencamp in “Cut Knife City Blues”
  • Rural Alberta Advantage musically sounds like Kacy Crowley’s “Nickel to the Stone” on “Barnes Yard” except of course a dude is singing
  • The Sumner Brothers give a faithful rendition of “Big Rock Candy Mountain”
  • Woodpigeon are slightly dreamy with the backing vocals in the titanic “… And as the Ship Went Down You’d Never Looked Finer”
  • BJ Snowden sounds like Brak a little bit while singing “In Canada”
  • Foon Yap is a rare female voice on the comp and shines brightly, Rasputina style, on “THE FUN MACHINE”
  • The Pygmies pay homage to similarly named ’60s rock bands with “She Lied”
  • Inquisition sound like your standard punk-pop band from the mid-’90s on “Pine”
  • SSRIs do noisy grrl art punk on “Clay Faced, Meat Boots”
  • Tetrix isn’t very original when channeling the Clash, but “Wipeout” is still a good song
  • Bonjay gives us female-fronted synthpop on “Stumble”

Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 55, February 7 2010 Playlist

February 7, 2010

Nana Grizol, Blackbox
Kung Fu USA, Bad Haircut
Eels, Unhinged
Korea Girl, Reunion
Olof Arnalds, Englar og Darar
Komeda, Rocket Plane (Music on the Moon)
Dead Man’s Bones, Pa Pa Power
Kitten Forever, Slamdunk
Laura Gibson and Ethan Rose, Old Waters
The Kirby Grips, Canyon
Psychology of Genocide, Ride On
Killola, This Is How the World Ends
False Alarm, Day Is Night
Kepi, Hurt & Alone
Willowz, No Heros
Kenickie, P.V.C.
Woodpigeon, Die Stadt Muzikanten
The Kelley Deal 6000, My Boyfriend Died
Seven Saturdays, Good Morning, I Love You
Paula Kelley, The Girlfriend
Computer Perfection, Maurice on the Water
Kahimi Karie, Lolitapop Dollhouse
Tulsa, Drunk in the Supermarket
The Juliana Hatfield Three, Ruthless
Dutch, Just Before the Rain
Julieplug, I Feel
Emily Rogers, The Dead Don’t Heal
Julie Ruin, Breakout A-Town
Stringer Belle, Pen
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Change the World
Jane Jensen, Highway 90
Jenny Lewis With the Watson Twins, Rise Up With Fists!!