Various Artists “Tunes for Baboons: Live Sessions from CJSW”

CJSW is a radio station in Canada. This two-CD compilation has a country record and a rock record. How thoughtful. Here are some highlights:

  • Matt Masters sounds like Lou Reed on “Candle Flame”
  • Eamon McGrath sounds like John Cougar Mellencamp in “Cut Knife City Blues”
  • Rural Alberta Advantage musically sounds like Kacy Crowley’s “Nickel to the Stone” on “Barnes Yard” except of course a dude is singing
  • The Sumner Brothers give a faithful rendition of “Big Rock Candy Mountain”
  • Woodpigeon are slightly dreamy with the backing vocals in the titanic “… And as the Ship Went Down You’d Never Looked Finer”
  • BJ Snowden sounds like Brak a little bit while singing “In Canada”
  • Foon Yap is a rare female voice on the comp and shines brightly, Rasputina style, on “THE FUN MACHINE”
  • The Pygmies pay homage to similarly named ’60s rock bands with “She Lied”
  • Inquisition sound like your standard punk-pop band from the mid-’90s on “Pine”
  • SSRIs do noisy grrl art punk on “Clay Faced, Meat Boots”
  • Tetrix isn’t very original when channeling the Clash, but “Wipeout” is still a good song
  • Bonjay gives us female-fronted synthpop on “Stumble”

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