James “The Morning After the Night Before”

James are still around. That means the band’s old. Your parents might have conceived you while listening to “Laid.” But we all must move on. This is a double album, meaning I get two units for reviewing it instead of one, but it very easily could have been on a single record because both are pretty short. Don’t let the music department find out!
The first album is “The Morning After,” and the second is “The Night Before.” Makes more sense now, doesn’t it? I also like the cover art, because it has a cat on it.
“Tell Her I Said So” has synths at the beginning. Tim Booth wrote all the songs, so I will assume he sang them, too. It’s the same guy that’s always been singing in James, so there you go. There is definitely an uptempo lean in this one that many of the other tracks lack.
“Make for This City” is acoustic done right. If your parents want to give you a little sister, then you better hide this one. It has “make out” written all over it. If you’re into the band’s famous falsettos, give “Fear” a shot. “It’s Hot” is for Death Cab for Cutie fans. Booth is Ben Gibbard here, totally.
Lots of what you’d expect. Definitely a fun time for all.

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