Primus “Green Naugahyde”

We can skip the Primus pretense and just go to the songs, right?
“Hennepin Crawler” has the distinctive smart-ass guitar sound that only Primus can offer. Vocals are the same. This is exactly what fans have been waiting for. Slightly less weird, and slightly more funky, is “Tragedy’s a’Comin’.” The bridge is a lot of fun on this one.
“Jilly’s on Smack” is unsurprisingly trippier. Although it meanders for nearly seven minutes, you never feel bored. I always thought the Grateful Dead would eventually go in this direction, if only they weren’t so old.
You almost feel set up when you see a song titled “Moron TV.” The bar ends up set a little high, but it’s still a good song even if it doesn’t meet the lofty expectations. And if you’re a reject in high school with funny hair who draws on his arm with a pencil to pass the time, you’ll be quite proud to embrace this as your anthem.
I like “Extinction Burst” because it makes a reference to Takeru Kobayashi. That’s all it takes for me.
You get what you want on this record if you want to get something from this record. Primus continues to suck, 20 years later.

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