Big Tree “This New Year”

These guys don’t seem to care whether people like them. They’re perfectly content with making music that they like, no matter how long the songs are or any of that stuff. They’re an indie-pop band here to do whatever they please. There’s not much else to say because the songs all sound about the same. They’re good, but they all sound the same. “This Fall” and “Seattle Bound” are good examples of what the band has to offer. The vocals are mixed a little better on “Two Seasons.” I really like this one. “Gloria” is not about Richie Rich’s girlfriend, but it’s still a winner. Kaila McIntyre Bader’s voice sounds like what Katie Johnson was going for on her recent recording. It’s a maturation process, I guess.
If you’ve been sitting around, waiting for a faster track, you finally get rewarded with “Home (Here).” The piano really helps, as well as guitars mixed higher than usual. If there were such a thing as indie prog, this would be it. I’m not sure what you’re supposed to smoke to really get into this, though. Just grab whatever’s lying around and give it a go.
The last track is “October.” It focuses more on the harmonies and some horns. This whole record is fine, but it doesn’t really stand out in a crowded sea of indie pop/rock/folk acts out there.

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