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Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 125, 14 September 2011 Playlist

September 14, 2011

All the Apparatus, Let’s Go Ride Bikes
The Piney Gir Roadshow, 40 Days & Nights
Scarlet Youth, Somewhere
San Cisco, Girls Do Cry
The Ettes, You Never Say
Warpaint, Warpaint
Kate Bush, Flower of the Mountain (the Sensual World)
Blondie, Mother
Diva, Liquid Garden
Grouper, Alien Observer
Tune-Yards, Gangsta
Santah, When I Couldn’t Move
She Keeps Bees, See Me
Oh Mercy, Broken Ears
From Autumn to Ashes, Sugar Wolf
Alkaline Trio, This Addiction
The Lot Six, Come & Get It
Low Budgets, Low Budget Life
Randy, Win or Lose
Kid Dynamite, Bookworm
The Lucky Stiffs, Counting Scars
Real McKenzies, Dropping Life Flies
Protest the Hero, Moonlight
The Queers, End It All
Metric, Gimme Sympathy
Tiger Army, Afterworld
The Vibrators, Keep It Clean
31 Knots, Coward With Claws
Midnight Bombers, Satan’s Children
Vitamin Party, Pencils Down
Millencolin, Take it or Leave it
Horrorpops, Dotted With Hearts
The Vex, Take Back Tonight
Time Again, Darker Days
Tilt, Viewers Like You
Drive A, World in Shambles
Swinging Utters, Brand New Lungs
Queens of the Stone Age, Regular John
Ann Beretta, Fire in the Hole
Wild Flag, Future Crimes
Sigourney Reverb, Who’s Yer Muse
Black Cougar Shock Unit, Track 4
Sick of it All, Good Lookin’ Out
Big D & the Kids Table, Rotten
Briefs, Stuck on You
Jonny Manak & the Depressives, Can’t Put Your Arm Around a Memory
Fucked Up – Queen of Hearts
Joy Formidable, Whirring



September 11, 2011

There was no way I was going to let this not be reviewed. Even if KMFDM have been around longer than the average KSCU DJ, they’re still legendary, and we should at least check in with them and see what they’re up to.
“Rebels in Kontrol” hits up that familiar early ’90s industrial sound that KMFDM is known for. Really the whole album sounds as you would expect it to. “Vive la Mort!” is not about the pharmacist on Family Guy, but it’s still a good track.
“Panzerfaust” isn’t in English, but it’s still a fun song. It reminds me of the “Choose a track” music in Beatmania IIDX. I forget what I was going to say about “Amnesia,” but the sound better reflects Sister Soleil than KMFDM, not that the two acts are so different.
Yep, same ol’ KMFDM.

San Cisco “Golden Revolver”

September 11, 2011

It’s an EP. The title track is first and has peppy guitar and percussion mixed high. I’m really liking this. “Girls Do Cry” has the falsettos that make a perfect power-pop platter. Even hyperbole that poorly written can’t cover up the fact that this song can be a staple on about eight different shows here at the station.
“John’s Song” has the same melody as “Hey Delilah” by Plain White T’s and is just as bad. No reason to play this with such other awesome tracks at your fingertips. The last track is “Spangled Streets.” The last minute is quiet and then there is a bonus at the end, “Solitude Is Bliss.”

STS9 “When the Dust Settles EP”

September 11, 2011

If you’re into the purple stickers, this CD belongs on your show. “Scheme” is the first track and has a sample well-known to anyone who came of age in the late ’80s. There is also a reprise of this track, which isn’t as good but does have different samples, so I guess you have to see which samples resonate with you more.
“When the Dust Settles” has a slight industrial slant to it. The samples are more obscure but belong with the music. It’s all good stuff here.
Ming and Ping fans will enjoy “Golden Gate.” The last track, “Winter Sun,” is just an outro.
All these songs can be used as beds, but they stand alone just fine as well.

Old 97’s “The Grand Theatre Volume Two”

September 11, 2011

I reviewed the first one, so now I guess I will do the second one. “Brown Haired Daughter” is missing only a hyphen in its quest to be a perfect song. It’s a fine example of what Old 97’s can do. Even the bridge is fantastic.
Also good is “Perfume.” The guitarist sounds restrained on this one, as in he really wants to rock out with his cock out but can’t because of the nature of the song (or the band, for that matter).
Cake fans would appreciate “No Simple Machine.” It’s the same talking-singing that they’re familiar with, although here the choruses have more singing than Cake would ever attempt.
“Ivy” is a little faster but still true to the Old 97’s sound. “Visiting Hours” is also fine but doesn’t particularly stand out.
More of the same from your old friends, Old 97’s.

The Scaramanga Six “Cursed”

September 11, 2011

I can’t remember why I’ve heard of this band. At any rate, they’re from Leeds, and they sound like they’re from Leeds. This indie rock band has a few stray prog elements but otherwise does its thing just as you would expect. When they play live, you take a second date there. You don’t need to get to know her anymore, but you don’t want music to make out to, either. Even if this is when you discover she has bad gas, it doesn’t matter because the band is worth seeing, regardless of the company you’re keeping.
“Last Roll of the Dice” gets the record off to a good start. Some of the tracks are a little rushed, but not this one. “Rest in Peace” is fine but a little forgettable.
A more rockabilly sound can be found at the beginning of “Trouble,” but then the chorus leaves me thinking of Queen. This band is a rock spectacle.
“I Can See a Murder” has a long instrumental at the beginning, but the lyrics still tell a nice story. The guitar is a little more power pop on this one. I could picture P.I.L. doing something like this.
Another one with the vocals mixed higher is “Quite the Man About Town.” It’s a straight-ahead indie rock track if you’ve ever heard one. Blue Skies for Black Hearts have done this style on their most recent record.
The last track is “Spent Force,” and it’s more the same British sound one would expect after hearing the rest of the album. I challenge anyone to give a reason why they don’t like this record.

Scarlet Youth “Goodbye Doesn’t Mean I’m Gone”/”Breaking the Patterns EP”

September 11, 2011

The woman on the cover art and female-sounding band name duped me. But what’s done is done, and my name will be attached to this review for all of KSCU eternity.
Actually, this is pretty good. It is your standard indie band with Killers/My Bloody Valentine sensibility. Throw in a little U2 and Smashing Pumpkins (musically, at least), and you’ve got it.
“Sofia C” provides a good introduction as the leadoff track. If you want mild synths in the background, “Farewell Ghosts” does the trick. I hear some Love and Rockets in there if I listen closely. “Between Summer and Spring” is a carbon copy of “Farewell Ghosts.” You could say they’re twin towers of indie rock goodness.
The guitar intro to “Somewhere” sounds like several Korea Girl tracks I’ve heard, and the song itself is very mellow, almost like Psychedelic Furs. “Walls of Freedom” sounds like Silversun Pickups.
“Sunshowers” plays on the ’80s new wave style, similar to “Somewhere.” The vocals are mixed poorly, but the music is some of the best on the record. It’s so hard to get it together all the way through, it seems.
There’s also an EP from 2009 included on this two-disc Japanese release. The songs are pretty much the same. I like “Gleaming Endless Ocean.” Also, “High on Sky” sounds like Catherine Wheel. “Sunshine Girl” is the other better track on the EP.

Mr. and Mrs. Muffins “The Raindrop Dance & Other Songs About Love”

September 11, 2011

Low-key stuff with a lot of accordion but not in the Weird Al way. Maybe this is stuff you play at cocktail parties. It’s not particularly jazzy, but it heads in that direction at times. Very innocuous in every way possible.
Some tracks are instrumentals, but “The Ladybird’s Theme” has maracas but not in a bossa nova way. Good music for when you have bubbly-gum in the old push-broom. All the tracks, by the way, start with “The.” There are no The The covers, however.
It’s hard not to say this band sounds like Corpus Callosum, but just because someone has an accordion doesn’t make it so. Well, I’m making the comparison anyway. Too bad.
“The Painter” has some chanting and harmonizing. It’s very pretty and has a Japanese air to it, like those Arling and Cameron songs when there’s no synths and they just fart around.

Eleanor Friedberger “Last Summer”

September 11, 2011

Eleanor Friedberger sounds like the lead singer for The Fiery Furnaces. “My Mistakes” sounds like a power pop version of that band, anyway.
So I just did some research online. She was the lead singer for The Fiery Furnaces. Go, me. No, I don’t ever go back and rewrite my reviews as I listen to the record.
The rest of this review will talk about other songs I liked, but the first paragraph sums it up. “Heaven” has good backing harmonies that stand out in an otherwise simply composed track. In my own little world this was the first song she did on her own, so that’s why it is so basic. Still very good, though.
“Roosevelt Island” sounds more like a The Fiery Furnaces track. There’s a bit of keyboard action here that makes everything fit perfectly. A slower track can be found with “One-Month Marathon.” It reminds me of “Some Senseless Day” by The Reputation because it’s slower than what you usually get, but it still sounds natural.
More The Fiery Furnaces-sounding stuff can be found with “Owl’s Head Park.” It’s a story-telling song, like “My Dog Was Lost But Now He’s Found” was.
So the whole record is good. It’s exactly what you would expect it to be. Have at it.

Joel’s Hit Show, Episode 124, 7 September 2011 Playlist

September 7, 2011

Stars, Take Me to the Riot
Nushu, Precious to Me
Wiretree, Make Up
Sex Life, I Want You
Karmacoda, Epic (Eternal Reprise)
Ursa Minor, What Good Is a Song
Abbe May, Mammalian Locomotion
Count Fleet, Stay Here
The Gift, Made for You
Rad Cloud, She Writes Her Letters
Imperial Mammoth, Ultra Violet
Bethesda, Dreamtiger
OK Go, This Too Shall Pass
Fereshta, Tombstones
Dark Mean, Finland
Ed Hines Band, Bloodstream
Eisley, Brightly Wound
18th Dye, Mystics II
Echobelly, I Can’t Imagine the World Without Me
Elastica, Da Da Da
Eddie Loves Debbie, Soul Song Take 160
The Elected, Jailbird
El Perro del Mar, Heavenly Arms
Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius & Heard, Bica
Elizabeth & the Catapult, Everybody Knows
The Electrocutes, Sno-Cap
Rondelles, Strike Out
Rocket From the Crypt, I’m Not Invisible
Time Again, Darker Days
Tilt, Viewers Like You
AFI, God Called in Sick Today
The Heavy, Oh No You Again
Touch My Rash, Give Me Everything
Fracas, So Sayeth
Gentlemans Pistols, Living in Sin Again
Demons, Some Days
Frantic, Rock & Roll Renegade
400 Blows, We Killed
Lost Sounds, I Get Nervous
STUN, Boredom
Bouncing Souls, No Security
Randy, Addicts Of Communication
The Start, Gorgeous
The Race, Feet Don’t Fail Me Now
Paint It Black, CVA
Pansy Division, Average Men
The Randies, Boys in Stereo
Amazombies, At the Bar
Bracket, Talk Show
The Takeover UK, Ah La La
Broken Bottles, California Sun